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About Us


Greater Awareness of ESG Environmental Ratings of Companies, Promoting Greater Collaborative Eco-Friendly Business Practices and Greater Tepui Sites Protection through Tepui Ratings.

We protect and raise awareness about user-selected green zones – referred to here as ‘Tepuis’ – by creating a Global social media economic counterforce against unfettered economic exploitation of the zones.  A Worldwide social media-based economic counterforce aimed at bypassing local and foreign 'incestuous' business, banking, and financial interests - as well as government interests - driving the economic exploitation of the green zone. … These diverse economic interests – private and government – are rated for their 'green-footprints' on selected Tepuis - yielding 'Tepui Ratings'. … Ultimately we seek collaboration between industry, governments, and public interests with the aim of optimum long-term stewardships of the Tepui sites.

Tepui Ratings - Postive and Negative Stigmatizing Effects

Low Tepui Ratings could have negative stigmatizing economic effects on companies and business interests – notably on business enterprises and interests bound to benefit from an unfettered exploitation of a Tepui, or even replace it. …

High Tepui ratings could, in contrast, have positive 'stigmatizing' effects on companies and business interests – their products and services.

Additionally, users visiting or planning to cater to companies and businesses with low Tepui-Ratings, or even when visiting business locations founded on projects that encroached negatively on such sites, will be notified with GPS-flagged Tepui ratings on the locations for consumers to decide whether to cater or not.


MyTepui Ratings Main Components

  • ESG-Environment Ratings (i.e., Sustainalytics, Thomson-Reuters) of the company or business entity.
  • Controversy Reports on the company or business entity.
  • Response/Counter-Proposal from the company or business entity.
  • Proprietary MyTepui Ratings.
  • Time-Series of past consolidated TEPUI ratings.

What you can do - A World-Wide Social Network Green Protection Economic Counter Force

Through the World-wide web be part of an economic counter-force for industries and governments to fit in their assessments of plans they are considering that that might negativelyo affect a green site.

The World-wide web can be a most powerful force to enhance collaboration with positive industry and governmental effects on green sites. .. On the other hand, it can certainly be a truly powerful force to bypass industries and governments when they don’t properly address and correct any negative effects of their actions on green sites.