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Nature's Future Is in Our Hands

Sustainable Development and Green Rating Rewards/Penalties on Businesses

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Protecting Mother Nature - Sustainable Development while Penalizing Green Threats from Economic Exploitation - Create Green Synergy between Industry, Companies and the Public

MyTepui seeks 'GREEN SYNERGY' between Industry and People in Protecting Nature, with Sustainable Development, byway of both Ratings on the 'Green Footprints' of Companies, while providing a Debate Platform where all parties - including industry - can participate.

How can you make sure that you are supporting a green business? ... At Mytepui, we provide an OPEN PLATFORM, for ALL Points of View - (no one is de-platformed here - freedom of speech is sacrosanct) -  where corporations & economic interests are rated on their green footprints on targeted Tepuis. ... This is based on striking a balance between individual company ESG-Environmental ratings, and ratings of counter-arguments siding economic benefits with Tepui 'exploitation'. 

Through the Worldwide Web, we aim to develop a Green Economic Counter-Force for industries and governments to consider & incorporate in their economic plans for targeted green sites. ... Such Green Economic Count-Force, by its unrestricted worldwide web communications nature, can potentially be much more effective to bypass industry and government grassroots 'entry' barriers to decision-making policies affecting the Environment.


What is a Tepui & a Tepui Rating?

Tepuis are sandstone mesas that rise above the Guiana Highlands of South America. They have their own isolated ecology and biology, distinct from surrounding rainforests, and even from other neighboring Tepuis. ... Such emblematic image best facilitates greater focus towards choosing green sites of interest.  Greater focus to enable greater constructive discussion and debate; along with greater Green Synergy between Industry and Peoples. ...


  • 1) Select a GPS-designated 'Tepui' (Green zone) to flag companies and economic interests with significant negative or positive 'Green Footprints'. 
  • 2) Create & Monitor a Blog for the selected Tepuii - with it, initiate an evolving 'Green Rating' - or, 'Tepui Rating' - for companies and economic interests with Green Footprints on the site ('Footprint-Companies). 
  • 3) Participants in the Tepui Ratings are required to weight-average & prioritize their selection of both POSITIVE & NEGATIVE ESG-Environment metrics of 'footprint-companies' and POSITIVE & NEGATIVE responses of the companies.
  • 4) after enough weighted-average ratings from users, a Statistical-Sampling Audit-Filtering Process will be applied to the combined Tepui-Ratings so as to filter out inherent biases of users. .. Subsequently, the Tepui-Ratings are updated-tuned with future user-provided weighted-average ratings. 
  • 5) the Tepui Ratings are then web-posted and GPS/Social Media flagged forth to travelers and investors, to their devices, when visiting a Tepui and/or catering products that are derivatives from the economic exploitation of the Tepui.


Low Tepui Ratings: negative stigmatizing footprint-companies and business interests – notably on business enterprises and interests bound to benefit from unfettered exploitation of a Tepui, or even replace it. …

High Tepui ratings: positive 'stigmatizing' footpring-companies and business interests – their products and services.

GPS-Flagged Tepui Ratings: Users GPS-Notified before catering to companies and businesses with low Tepui-Ratings - notably when visiting Tepui sites and businesses supplanting and exploiting those sites. 

The Tepui Rating

  • ESG-ENVIRONMENT METRICS:  Generated by independent organizations to measure the GLOBAL Green Footprint of companies (not just on a selected Tepui) which users evaluate and rate . ... (Users - travelers, consumers, and investors - are introduced and educated about these ratings.) ... Users prioritize and assign weights to them.
  • INDUSTRY RESPONSE METRICS: Users will also evaluate and rate Industry Response 'Metrics' which are actually posted Company/Industry Responses and Proposals. ... These responses are more real-time updated than the regular ESG-Environment Metrics - and provide company responses and defense of its policies. ... Users prioritize and assign weights to them.
  • USER'S COMMENTARIES:  Users' commentaries, opinions, and even submitted documents are limited to blogs though not directly incorporated in overall assessments for Tepui Ratings. ... Nevertheless they allow the sharing, the dissemination, and the education of concerns, inquiries, and ideas. 
  • 'ENVIRONMENT NEWS' PAGE: This page (on this site) posts lists of environment articles and news of interest. .. Lists that are frequently and automatically updated with new articles and news. ... The lists consist of:
    1. General Articles
    2. Alternative Energy
    3. Green/Clean Technology
    4. Climate Change
    5. Recycling
    6. Renewable Energy
    7. Nature-Science Articles
    8. Sustainability Matter
    9. Business Green
  • TEPUI RATING COMPUTATION & FILTERING OUT BIASES:  Users PRIORITIZE ESG-Environment and Industry Response Metrics (even with the possibility of some being at odds with each other).  The aggregate of all these prioritizations - from all users - and based on the combined population of all users - are then statistically sampled/audited to best FILTER OUT BIASES - aiming for a bias uncertainties error rate of the final Tepui Rating of less than 5%. ... With more prioritizations from users, there is continuous updating, with LESS Bias Error, with the footprint-company's Tepui Rating.

How You Can Help


  1. Pick a Tepui, a Green Zone to protect … and monitor/follow its website discussion.
  2. Reveal, expose, intruding business interests – and notify others of present and future companies and interests benefiting from exploitation - and possible degradation - of the Tepui.
  3. With merit, with Tepui ratings, travelers and investors would be flagged, notified, warned on the harms – or benefits – of their catering to businesses and economic interests with their travels; their investments.


  • Address traveler and investor concerns regarding the company’s real or perceived economic erosion effects on the Tepui.
  • Benefit from, and nurture, higher Tepui ratings for your company.
  • Coordinate with consumers - and other companies and economic interests - greater collaborative focused efforts and projects benefiting the preservation of the Tepui.

The Rating Process

Tepui ratings range from 0 to 5, with 5 being the most positive. These ratings may increase or reduce consumer engagement on the business’ products and services since they would be more attracted to buy from those with positive ratings. Tepui-rated developments will also be GPS-flagged so users can choose to visit the green site or not.

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